Easy Disney Piano Songs for Beginning Pianists

disneyOne of my favorite parts about teaching piano to a variety of ages is that I get to explore a lot of different musical styles and dig up fun arrangements of popular tunes.

As my inner kid would have it, I absolutely love when a student wants to learn to play a disney song on piano, since they can be great examples of fun songs that are actually manageable for a young pianists. Of course, we use different arrangements depending on the student’s skill level (and age), but we can often adapt most of the songs to be as easy or difficult as we need them to be!

Here are a few of my favorites.


Pocahontas is one of my all time favorite Disney movies, though that might mean I’m already beginning to date myself!

The best song to learn for a beginning pianist is Colors of the Wind, which is a popular choice throughout many music education books. The melody is simply, and there are only a few basic chords, which means students can have an easy “two-finger” version of the song to play!

Here’s an easy-to-follow tutorial if you’re interested in learning this one!


Aladdin is another great movie to go to, mostly because of A Whole New World, which is really well known even among my younger students, and is pretty easy to play.

I have several different versions of this song, which allow me to work on it with students at different levels of their piano career!

Click here for Aladdin music.


Of course I can’t leave off Frozen! Never in a million years! Not only is this the most popular Disney movie to have come out in the last decade, but it is filled with tons of great songs.

Inevitably, when students as about Frozen, they almost always want to play a version of Let It Go. This is by far the most popular song of the movie, and if I think it’s right for the student, and that they can have a good chance of learning it well, I’ll let them give it a shot.

Otherwise, I often recommend another song from the movie if I don’t think they’re ready for Let It Go. Do You Want To Build a Snowman, for example, is one song that is almost always a home run, and I have a really great transcription of it that’s easy enough for just about anyone!

If that’s something you’re interested in, I recommend you visit this website of easy Disney songs to learn Let It Go or Do You Want To Build a Snowman!

I hope this post helps you get some good ideas for fun songs you might want to play. Again, one of the reasons I love to work on Disney songs with students is because they can be appropriate for every age and just about every skill level, whether you’re in your first few months of lessons or have been studying piano for years!


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