Tips for Learning Cat Stevens and Pearl Jam Tabs on Guitar

Hey there! In today’s post I’d like to share a few songs that are good for many guitar students. I’ve picked two artists that have pretty different styles of playing, so hopefully you’ll find something you like and that fits your individual musical tastes!

Cat Stevens Tabs

cat stevensCat Stevens is hands down one of my favorite guitarists of all time. He has such a unique sound and I think that the depth of styles and versatility is amazing, especially given the fact that he always plays acoustic guitar. That means he doesn’t have nearly as many options for choosing his tone or electronically manipulating the sound as do many other players, and yet he consistently shows that he can play a variety of song choices.

In terms of playing, I have a couple of favorites I always gravitate to. The best is Wild World, which has the advantage of being a great tune that is also accessible to a lot of beginning and intermediate players. While it isn’t the easiest guitar song in the world, it’s definitely achievable if you have a couple of months’ experience.

Next to that, Father and Son is one of my all time favorites, and is even easier to play, so perfect for beginning students. There’s also Cat’s in the Cradle, which obviously has to make it into the mix as well.

Pearl Jam Tabs

pearl jamIn addition to Cat Stevens, Pearl Jam has a lot of great songs that many of my students are interested in. Unfortunately, a lot of Pearl Jam songs are more difficult, meaning that beginners probably won’t be able to play them very well. SInce the sound is bigger as well, it also means the solo guitarist will have a hard time trying to match the feel of the song they know from the radio.

One exception to this is Alive. If any of my students ask me about Pearl Jam tabs, I inevitably try to guide them towards this song, which is a little easier than the rest, and also makes for a better song to play by yourself, if you aren’t in a band.

If that sounds like a song that you would like to learn, I encourage you to get the Pearl Jam Alive chords from OGT.

The key point I want to get across here is that there is no single right answer when it comes to choosing what songs you want to play. Instead, the important thing is to make sure you pick songs that you like. That’s the only way you’ll have fun learning, and when you have fun, you’ll play better!

That’s all for today. Keep practicing!

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