Welcome to HamandEnos.com!

learn musicHey there and we just wanted to start off our blog by welcoming you to the newly revamped Ham and Enos website!

We used to be a space to publish information about our own artistic and musical endeavors, but we’ve decided to scrap everything and take a new start, focusing purely on how to learn an instrument if you’re just getting started with music, and we will focus specifically on piano and guitar, our two primary instruments and by far the most common choices for students who have never been introduced to music lessons before!

This change comes with a shift in our own focus from producing our own art to spreading our love and passion for music with everyone else, and as we each take on larger studios and teaching commitments, we decided it would be a good area to focus on!

For now, we’ll just leave you with this quick video on beginning piano and how to start to approach learning piano!

We’ll be back soon with more info on both piano and guitar, and look forward to spreading the love!

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